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Thimbelina was 'born' in 1990 when designer dressmaker Carol Hunt opened a Children's Finery shop in Woodstock, Oxfordshire selling exclusive hand-made traditional style garments.

Carol had been sewing all her life, encouraged at the age of four by her Grandmother when together they made her doll’s clothes.  At the age of eight Carol was making her own clothes; in her teens she started making clothes to order and was taught tailoring skills by her Father.  An inherited family gift!

Prior to starting Thimbelina, Carol worked for exclusive dress designers AnnaBelinda in Oxford,  including a period as their Concession Manageress within Liberty’s, London.

Thimbelina initially specialised in exquisite hand-smocked christening gowns, baby dress and rompers but unfortunately the endless hours of intricate handwork have led to health problems with Carol’s hands and neck, requiring her to cut down on her sewing hours and to diversify over recent years.  Passing on her skills through Sewing Tuition for adults and children is now the key element of her work.

Thimbelina now operates from a Garden Studio in Wheatley and clients/students are seen by appointment only, offering the highest level of personal service and flexibility.

Carol Hunt, designer dressmaker

"Carol was a great tutor to me
and helped me improve on the techniques that I learnt in my diploma" Sophie H.

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